Want to see how MasteryTrack works? Try a demo now. No need to enter your email or sign up, just follow the directions below. You can explore the system as a teacher or as a student (you may want to try both).

Teacher Login

1. Go to

2. Log in.

3. This will bring up the main dashboard. You will see one group of students, "Demo class 1." Click on it, and you will see the overview page. Across the top you will see the 4 courses this group of students is taking: English 5 and Math Foundations A, Foundations B, and Foundations C (the content for K-5 math). The first course dashboard you see is for English 5. On the left nav you see each of the units of the course. In the dashboard you see a high-level view of the students in each of the units. You can select other courses and see the units for those courses as well as the overview of progress.

4. If you click a unit from the left nav, you will see the detailed dashboard for that unit. You will see the learning progress of each student for each objective. If you click "Learning Objectives & Assessments" in the middle of the screen you will see the list of learning objectives.

5. You can mouse over an objective for a student and a menu appears. If you select "mark sufficient" the dot will turn green, showing the student has mastered the objective.

6. The 3 math courses have automated assessments built into MasteryTrack. For these courses you can "assign assessment" for any objective. This will turn the dot blue and release the assessment for the student (if you do this for English 5 it will just turn the dot blue to show the student is working on it, but there are no automated assessments).

7. For courses with automated assessments (math), once a student takes an assessment the teacher can select "View Results" and see the result of the assessment. The teacher can then choose to re-assign it or even mark the student as sufficient if the teacher feels the student has mastered the content.

8. For the math courses, you can select Learning Center from the dashboard for any unit. This will show the learning and practice resources for each learning objective that have been loaded into MasteryTrack. They are just live links to other resources that enable students to learn and practice the learning objectives.

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Student Login

1. Go to

2. Log in.

The usernames and passwords are the same for students #2 and #3, just replace the 1s above with 2 or 3.

3. The first view is the same as the teacher view, the main dashboard showing the group of students that demostudent1 is part of. Click this group and you will see the list of courses across the top. If the student has an assessment assigned from the first course it will show up. Just like the teacher view you can select a different course and select a unit from the left nav. This shows the student's personal dashboard. The learning objectives are listed below the progress summary. For courses without automated assessments there is no action for the student to take, they can simply see their learning progress.

4. For courses with automated assessments (math), if the student has an assessment assigned to them, they can see the blue dot. They select "Take assessment" and then the assessment is presented to them. They need to meet the mastery threshold (usually 9/10 correct within a time limit). When they submit the assessment it is immediately graded and they see their result.

5. Students can also go to the Learning Center to see the learning and practice resources associated with each learning objective.

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