Open Learning Objectives

At MasteryTrack we do not believe learning objectives should be proprietary. On the contrary, we believe they should be freely available to all. Since a key part of our work has been to develop and improve mastery-based learning objectives for every subject offered in MasteryTrack, we are now able to share these openly in the hope that they can accelerate the implementation of mastery-based learning across the country.


The objectives for K-5 math were developed in partnership with OpenEd (which is now a part of ACT Assessment Technologies) and are used for the automated assessments in MasteryTrack. There are also additional non-automated objectives for kindergarten as well as several higher grade levels.


Although MasteryTrack’s future vision is to develop a structure for ELA that is based on text complexity rather than grade levels, at this point we have created objectives for several grade levels that can be used immediately in existing classrooms.


Learning objectives have been created for several grades. These currently are only for part of the school year, though they will be expanded in the future.

Social Studies

Objectives for pre-AP History--Historical Thinking Skills are based on the objectives from the College Board. Other courses include topics for part of the school year and will be expanded in the future.

Mandarin Chinese

More information about learning objectives in MasteryTrack for Chinese can be found at


Learning objectives for Spanish Interpersonal Oral have been developed in partnership with educators to align with international standards. These objectives enable increased clarity in instruction and assessing student learning progress.



Learning objectives for Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) are based on the high-level framework from CASEL and the specific learning objectives from Austin Independent School District. Austin has done a nice job of creating specific, clear, demonstrable learning objectives for SEL by grade band.


A fundamental part of our work is continuous improvement, and this definitely applies to learning objectives as well. If you have suggestions for how to improve these learning objectives or want to help us create objectives for more courses, please contact us!