Why MasteryTrack?

MasteryTrack helps bring mastery-based learning to life in the classroom with features that make it quick, intuitive, and easy to use. The dashboards in MasteryTrack instantly provide teachers and students the information they need to enable students to learn at their own pace. The unique architecture of the system enables it to be implemented very quickly and expanded rapidly across courses. MasteryTrack makes mastery-based learning clear and simple!

Intuitive Dashboards

Teachers can easily see the learning status of a class or an individual student, for a full course or a single learning objective. Students can see their own learning progress instantaneously.

Easy to Implement

MasteryTrack is a standalone system, which means no integration is required with any other educational system or platform. Just upload the login information for your students and teachers, organize them in classes, and you’re ready to go.

Supports Any Learning Approach

Since MasteryTrack provides a standalone dashboard, there are no barriers preventing educators from switching learning approaches or systems. Teach and learn any way you want, and change any time--you always have access to your mastery data!

Pre-loaded Learning Objectives

MasteryTrack comes pre-loaded with specific learning objectives for many courses, co-designed by educators. Teachers no longer need to spend valuable time breaking down standards.

Automated Assessments (for some courses)

MasteryTrack includes automated assessments for K-5 math courses. These save teachers and students many hours and enable rapid, data-driven instruction cycles. Assessments are specific and take just a few minutes to complete.

Transformational Analytics

MasteryTrack can quantify student learning growth over time and compare alternative learning approaches. Analyses can be run any time and the data is instantly available to help educators.

The Price is Right

Since MasteryTrack is extremely simple and scalable, it has almost no ongoing cost. So we are offering it for free for most courses.

How It Works

Watch this two-minute video to see MasteryTrack in action and learn about its key features:

  • Review dashboards for classes and students
  • Assign mastery-based assessments
  • Review assessment results (automated grading!)
  • Change mastery status for students
  • Create printable mastery-based report cards